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Face Reading Techniques

Face reading techniques help you learn a lot about a person’s inner nature and characteristics. They prove to be very useful in professional as well as personal life. With these techniques, just having a serious glance at the face of a person can help you get a fair idea about him, sometimes even more than what you will come to [&hellip

Some way to make people like you

We always want to be like by others. Successful people who relate well with others have learned a simple truth. And that is this: People are more interested in themselves than any other subject. 1. Be genuinely interested in other people. 2. Smile - A simple smile is effective to unlocking doors and getting people to like you. 3. Remember [&hellip

tips for cure acidity (gastric)

Stomach acidity or hyperacidity conditions are a common problem. Ask the person sitting right beside you in a bus if he had experienced bouts of acidity attacks. Chances are great that he or she would answer you with a big YES. Why is this so? Our stomach produces acid to digest the food that we eat. This is a regular [&hellip

Tips For Effective Decision Making

The following 13 tips are designed to help you make powerful and effective decisions. 1 ) There is no right or wrong when you are making a decision. The only outcome is the decision that you make. A decision is a choice between alternatives. 2 ) Never make a snap decision about anything. If the decision is one you can [&hellip

Tips for donating blood

*Bring a large bottle of orange juice. It will give you a fast boost of sustenance after giving blood. *If you feel faint, tell the medical staff, and they will assist you into a reclining position on the chair. If you’ve already left the donation center, put your head between your knees to increase blood flow to your brain, or [&hellip

Some Tricks to Help You Learn to Play the Harmonica Fast

1. Don’t Believe Your Inner Critic I’m convinced that the main reason people give up on the harmonica is because they start to believe their inner critic when it says things like: “I sound awful”, “I’m musically hopeless”, “I’m not doing it the right way”, “I should practice more”, “I’ll never get this”. And the list goes on. Views :12259Incoming [&hellip

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

15 Tips to Overcome Insomnia RETINAL STIMULATION – make it a point to go outside and stimulate your retinas (eyes) for bout 15 minutes a day with sunlight. This “full on” light exposure can help restore your body’s natural sleep/night cycle, also known as the “circadian rhythm.” Looking straight into the sun is never a good idea, but being in [&hellip

Tips on how to control your anger

Controlling your anger isn’t always easy. But here are some effective tips to help get your anger under control:   1. Take a ‘timeout.’ Although it may seem cliché, counting to 10 before reacting really can defuse your anger. 2. Get some space. Take a break from the person you’re angry with until your frustrations subside a bit.   3. [&hellip

Exercise While Using Computer

Exercise is very important to keep our body healthy and fit. Nowadays, most people are very busy with their work especially those who always use computers. They are always inactive and do not have time for physical activities. Keep in mind that this will never be good for your body. Now I am going to tell you some ways that [&hellip

Prevent your computer from USB infections

Disable Autorun: AutoRun.Inf is the configuration file used by the Microsoft Windows computers to decide the action to be taken when a removal media like a USB or Audio / Video CD is inserted into the computer. It surely saves some time for the user when without clicking or searching the file structure. But many times, AutoRun feature has been [&hellip