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Five Great foods to discard excess weight .

1.Eggplant Eggplant has the power to balance internal Qi. It is particularly good for harmonizing the Qi of your liver so that it can work more efficiently with its sister organs. Eggplant also has the ability to lower cholesterol. So be sure to eat more than just one small slice! Dont worry about which kind of eggplant to select.There are [&hellip

How to maintain a work-life balance?

Every organisation works differently. Some expect you to account for every moment of your work hours while others only want the job done. This can affect the number of hours you put into your work. To strike a work-life balance understand your organisation and then work around it. Work Smart Find out how your organisation regards time. Does your office [&hellip

Tips for Frizz Fighting At Home

Frizz Fighting Home Remedy 1.Beer makes the hair super soft silky and shiny. Use this conditioner after shampooing your hair by pouring 100 ml beer on your hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. 2.Tkae  three teaspoons of olive oil, half teaspoon of castor oil, and coconut oil.Mixed all together with a paste made of methi seeds. Keep it [&hellip

Make-up tips of Moonsoon

THROW OUT YOUR OLD AND DULL MAKE-UP THIS MONSOON. BRING IN BOLD COLOURS. WATER-PROOF PRODUCTS AND FAKE TANS WHICH ARE SURE TO ADD COLOUR TO WET, GLOOMY DAYS! MONSOON MAKE-UP RULES COLOUR PALETTE: Change the way you look with better eye make-up. Invest in bright and bold eyeshades this season. Go for dusky browns,electric blues and olive greens. This apart, [&hellip

Some Signature beauty routines

Some Signature beauty routines

Whether you have five minutes or ten, you can face the day looking beautiful and polished by the following signature beauty routines. Laurie’s Five minute routine: 1. Use concealer where needed. 2. Lightly dust face with powder (Better to use mineral powder) 3. Conture face, cheeks and eyes with bronzer. 4. Apply mascara. 5. Smooth on lip-gloos And 10 minute [&hellip

Touch Therapy way to lower stress and depression

Touch Therapy way to lower stress and depression

Touch therapy an easy way to lower stress and depression. You dont need to excause to get a message anymore: science is on your side! A recent review of over a dozen massage studies conducted by the Touch Reseach institute,Miami concludes that massage relieves depression and anxiety by afecting the Body’s Biochemistry. In a study including about 500 men,women and [&hellip