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Tips for cross-stitch embroidery

1.NEEDLES: It is important to choose the needle and thread based on the texture of the fabric being used for the work. To embroider on the finest fabric, the eye of the needle should be thinner in order not to distort the fabric.

2.SCISSORS: It is important to have small sharp scissors to cut the strings. When you have to undo an embroidery, sharp pointed scissors will be useful.

3.Focus the reason:To focus the subject on the canvas, make a vertical and a horizontal basting and find the center. It is advisable to start from the center of embroidered fabric and pattern, working outwards in all directions and follow closely the pattern frame by frame.

4.Remember to remove the embroidery frame every time you leave work so that the fabric does not lose its shape.

5.Embroidery work must be kept on both the front and in back. Start work by passing the needle through the back of the fabric to the front of the embroidered hanging down approx. 2.5 cm wire on the back. Then this thread should hold under these stitches.

6.While overboard, it is recommended to stop occasionally and drop the threaded needle to thread tension back to its normal n. Do not ever tie at the beginning or the end of the strand. The points should all be uniform and board whenever in the same direction.



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