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Five Great foods to discard excess weight .


Eggplant has the power to balance internal Qi. It is particularly good for harmonizing the Qi of your liver so that it can work more efficiently with its sister organs. Eggplant also has the ability to lower cholesterol. So be sure to eat more than just one small slice! Dont worry about which kind of eggplant to select.There are many different ones, and they’re all good for you. If you can ever find white eggplants (readily available in the fall),their Qi is especially good for weight loss purposes, even though they are often more expensive.

2.Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are a great healing food. They are especially good for helping the stomach work more smoothly and improving the digestive function.Most likely, you will find bamboo shoots that are canned. They are usually available in most super markets in the Chinese food section.


Next on the list are mushrooms, especially fresh ones. There are many different types of mushrooms and their flavors vary from mild to quite earthy. The essence of mushrooms goes to both the lung and the stomach. These edible fungi are food that can help prevent cancer. They are all good for you and easily lend themselves to almost any style of cooking. They are fun to exper-iment with. The only rule is that they must be cooked.Strongly recommend that you avoid eating raw mushrooms. Mushrooms are a fungus and carry a different kind of Qi. If your digestive system is not too strong, eating this food raw can cause problems, such as food poisoning.  Eggplant, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms are especially helpful for supporting all your organ systems as you shed excess weight. Try making them a regular part of the meals you prepare.


This fruit as part of a medicated diet over the course of many centuries, and still do today.Have watermelon juice as often as possible, because it has a tremendous healing and medicinal purpose for a person who wants to get rid of excess weight. One of its great powers is that it can relieve internal heat.Watermelon is also a good diuretic and is excellent for strength-ening the function of your stomach and spleen. If you juice watermelon, be sure to include some of the white and green parts of the rind as well as the seeds. If you don’t have a juicer, you can cut up pieces into small chunks and put them in a blender. Check to see that your blender is strong enough to break down the seeds; otherwise, eliminate this part.  If you can,drink watermelon juice every day. For a change of pace, try the yellow watermelon that is becoming more readily available.Cantaloupe and other melons do not have the same healing ability and Qi as watermelon. Because they cannot give you the same benefit,recommend that you do not substitute them for watermelon juice. If you’d like to try different ways of eating watermelon, experiment with cooking itsautéing or frying this fruit produces interesting tastes and dishes.

5.Bee Pollen

Another food that’s particularly beneficial for balancing your body is bee pollen. You might try several varieties and keep a record of which ones you like the most.preferable the granular, raw bee pollen. You can find it in the refrigerated section of many health food stores. At first, start with a half teaspoon of bee pollen mixed in juice and gradually increase the amount until you are consuming at least two teaspoons a day. Less than that  usually does not have any healing effect.  From an energy viewpoint, when you eat bee pollen, you take in the healthy essence that the bees gather from fresh flowers. Bees always go to fresh, healthy flowers, not to weak or dying ones. Bee pollen is also beneficial for strengthening the function of the heart, kidney, and stomach.

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  1. Nice to know that certain food are good for losing weight! If you really want to lose weight, you need to be watchful about what you eat and know your limitations, as well. Of course, exercising and even playing outdoor sports are good for burning fats and calories.

  2. Well, the existing foods are extremely looking just powerful to discard excess weight. And I have really the personal experience of Eggplant. This one is truly capable to low the cholesterol of our body. The content and features of this post are truly looking just most creative about it. Thanks for sharing the great information about the wonderful foods to discard excess weight.

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