- Health

eating oil safely

There are oils we should avoid totally: The worst type of oil is an ingredient in packaged foods including some…

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- home

using rainwater

There is no higher quality source of water available to us than rainwater. Rainwater that is collected on roofs and…

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- Lifestyle

children’s glasses

For parents dealing with a child who doesn’t want to wear glasses, it’s a tough trial to get them to…

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- Hair care

Make your own shampoo

Here’s a recipe to make you own shampoo. Make it, us it, give it to your friends. Ingredients: 4 oz.…

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- mobile

Care your cell phone

• Designate a safe place to keep and store your phone when not in use. For example, on a desk,…

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- book, Lifestyle

Book Caring

Books are meant to be read. But the least you can do is to take extra care flipping the pages.…

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- Beauty Tips, Hair care, Kitchen

eggs: useful applications

• Egg can reduce the puffiness under the eye. Apply thin film under the eye and allow to remain for…

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- Hair care

get rid of head-lice

We usually shave off our hair. Sometimes it’s impossible, especially if you are a woman. What you can do is…

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just before you are cooking

• Add a pinch of soda bicarb to the water to boil peas etc. faster and also to retain their…

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- Save Mony

Save money, money saves

There are a few things we can do without. When we run out of these, we have to rush into…

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