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There are a few things we can do without. When we run out of these, we have to rush into a shop to buy these. If we try we can save money out of them.

save mony

Soap: when soap gets small. We usually throw it away and get a new one. Why throwing away the small one? Keep it. When you have three or more small soap, put them into a small bowl with bit water. When they are melted, mix them into a mound. Afterwards, let the mound dry. Then use it as soap.

Or you can put the small soaps and water in a old hand-wash soap bottle with pump and use as hand-wash.

Toothpaste: when the tube is (apparently) finish don’t throw away to get a new tube. Cut along with the crimp. See, there’s toothpaste to use for two days at least. Put the brush inside through the cut and brush.

Shampoo: put all the left over small amount of shampoo in a bottle. You can use it more than one day, depending on the length of your hair.

Conditioner: You cannot do the same with conditioner. What you can do is cut the bottle along the middle, and wipe the conditioner with your hair or your fingers.

Biscuit: you can use leftover powdered salty and plain biscuit to make food crispy, but what about sweet biscuit leftover? Well, give them to your children as an late afternoon snack along with a cup of milk.

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