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Beauty Tricks and Tips Part 1

1. One thing u should never forget to do before going of to bed is cleansing ur face and to do the same take one tablespoon of fresh milk that’s not been boiled, dip a small pad of cotton wool in this and rub it on the face gently. Using circular movements and then leave this on for 15 minutes. Wash it of with cold water and see the difference. It is very helpful and great way to take away tan and fne lines.

2. If you are in a rush and no time to touch up your roots, here’s quick cover up. Take a thick black kajal stick and run it over your roots, then comb lightly. Alternately you can also use ur regular black mascara to brush at the roots to hide the grey temporarily.

3. If  the shampoos that we get in the market do not suit u then make ur shampoo at home. Mix equal amounts of dried reetha, shikakai and amla into one liter water. Keep it for few hours and boil them. Afer cooling strain and use as a shampoo. This remedy makes  hair very soft and shiny.

4. Tired of using the same old lipstick shades? Don’t like the hues of the lipsticks you have recently bought? Ten here’s a trick you can try. First apply the dark shade on your lips then take the lighter hue on a brush and put it over the dark colour. you will get a completely new shade. You can also blend a beige lipstick over the dark shade to get a sofer tone.

5. When buying wide legged pants make sure the hem of the pants is just an inch above the ground. Wear it with block heeled peep toe shoes. The hem of the pant should cover most of your shoe to get a slim long silhouette. Make sure to pair the pants with a nicely ftted shirt or a top. This is a good combo to wear to work.

6. For easy evening look go with the dramatic eye look. Use grey instead of black or mix two hues on the lids. Apply two coats of mascara for intensity and a highlighter pencil on the brow bone to enhance the eyes. Finish the look with a nice lip gloss.

7. Use the juices of lemon and tomatoes on ur face. They work not just as skin toner  but also act as a bleaching agent will give ur skin a natural glow.

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