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The safest way to apply make-up on your little one

the reality is that far too many kids today are exposed to make-up for one reason or another school concert, fancy dress parties or just to get a ‘leg up’ with specialized dance classes and sports activities. It’s most important that we look at the safest and the softest products to use on our little ones. Try these tips to doll up your doll, without harming her in any way.

How to apply makeup

■ Use water and silicone-based products. They are gentler. Also, look out for products marked hypo-allergenic. These are usually fragrance free, contain very few coloring agents and have no known irritants. Using mineral make-up will also help as they are anti-inflammatory and free of  harmful ingredients.

■ Use water-proof or smudge proof eyeliners as children rub their eyes often.

■ Tinted lip balms look good on little girls. They give a hint of color and keep their lips moisturized. Go for fruity flavours. Your kid will like it.

■ Use washable nail paint (try Ori flame). So you don’t have to worry if your little one is ingesting chemicals while eating with her hands.

■ Always choose soft colors, such as peach, pink or beige, for children. Keep the make-up minimal.

How to do make-up

Whether it’s for a concert, fancy dress, or a special occasion, prep and prime the face before you start putting any make-up. Wash the face with a mild cleanser and use a mild moisturizing lotion.

Fancy dress party

■ Keep it really simple as there will be a lot of dancing and jumping around.

■ Focus more on hair. Use bejeweled hair clips to jazz up their looks.

Stage performance

This kind of make-up is recommended only for children aged 12 years and above.

■ Clean the face and use an alcohol-free toner as stage make-up can be drying.

■ Start by putting on oil-free foundation.

■ Apply the blush from the middle of their cheeks, back towards their ears.

■ Next, apply the eye-shadow; then evenly line the top eyelid with an eyeliner.

■ Apply a lip liner and then fill in with lip color.

■ Now set the make-up by applying translucent powder with a brush.

■ Use good quality glitter. Take a thin brush, dip it in vaseline and draw on the pattern you like. Sprinkle on the glitter. You are left with a sparkly, swirly pattern.

■ For a ballet performance, keep it nice and rosy. Tie the hair in a bun and put some shimmery hair accessories. Avoid allergies Using poor quality make-up or too much make-up may clog pores and result in acne.

■ Always take off make-up using a mild cleanser, or use baby wipes.

■ Use a water-proof eye make-up remover to wipe off the eyeliner. The Body Shop chamomile eye make-up remover is a good choice.

■ To remove lip color, apply some vaseline on the lips and then gently remove it with a cotton bud.

■ In case of a rash, apply an aloevera gel or Lacto Calamine lotion.


Teach your child that make-up is fun, or for make-believe, but not to be applied as a rule by children. Develop her talents, her poise and her self esteem and your daughter will learn to sparkle inside out!

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