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Professional Eye make-up tips and tricks

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1. To give an impression of density to upper lashes, highlight the root of a line of eyeliner, applying from outside to inside.

2. To give sparkle to your eyes, apply a light layer of foundation on your eyelid.

3.  If your eyes devour your face, you can decrease the width by using a dark colored pencil, to put inside the lower eyelid.

4. For a smooth look, use the pen to the dotted lash. Blend immediately using a cotton swab.  Secure with a powder eye shadow.

5. If your eyes are small, make a path on the outside of the lower eyelid, fade down. For optimal effect, use a white pencil inside it.

6. Do not “pump” your mascara ever, which brings air into the container, drying faster.

7. To get a more dramatic shadow effect, moisten your applicator.

8. Do not use an eyeshadow the same color as your eyes, opt for a color that will highlight the nuance.

9. For a lighting effect, use a dark shade at the base of your eyelid and a lighter shade on top.

10. To emphasize the eyes, use an eye pencil or eye shadow approaching the natural color of your eyebrows.

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