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Ways to remove fish bones from throat

People like to eat fish Because it is delicious and beneficial to human health , but !! Some may suffer from the problem of bones If you get stuck in the throat .


remove fish bones from throat


Dont worry. Try the following tricks to get ride of this problem.

1. First, take some olives and place them in a pot With some cold water and boil . Then drink this juice, hot slowly and swallow , Dose after dose . Pass the juice over the effected area slowly.

A few minutes later bone will disappear automatically and disappears with Inconvenience of the pharynx . If you do not believe the effectiveness of this method you can put some fish bones in such a juice To see what happens, Few minutes later the bones of fish Will become a very soft Like pasta cooked ..!!!

2. Here is another solution . Drink half a cup of vinegar by spoon slowly slowly until it leaves the impact of paranoia from the throat because the bone is generally soften when placed in vinegar

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