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Diet to Reduce abs,Thighs and Butt fats at Home

We all have trouble zones where excess adipose tissue (that stores fat) piles up! There is no way these fat cells will shift or vanish on their own.However,they will shrink with exercise and calorie control.Even though the tips given below may sound simple,but these are very effective and you should try them out.Be disclipned and regular.

Reduce abs,Thighs and Butt fats

Diet Chart

Early morning:
1. Drink 2 glass of water – at room temparatue or warm if u wish.

2.Walk for 30 minutes at medium pace with arm movement.You should cover at least 3km in half an hour.Repaeat this for another 30 minutes in the evening.

3.Dring 1 glass of water(2 if u sweat a lot) after the exercise.

4.Stretch the lower body after the exercise.

5. Eat breakfast an hour later than usual,include either:2 egg whites,a toast(brown bread,not butter) and a fruit or cereal with milk and fruit.

Mid Morning
6.1 cup of yogurt/1 glass of lassi/1 fruit.

7.Lunch usts: dal/chicken,Vegetable,salad,roti.Use Minimal oil while cooking and stick to smaller portions.

8.In the evening you can have a cup of tea (without sugar),or have half apple and about a fistful of nuts.

9.Dinner should be eaten early an be the lightest meal of the Day.You can have a bowl of soup,! bowl of salad (have a tofu or sprouts salad if vegetarian) and protein in the form of grilled fish or chicken.

You’ll have to focus on variety choose foods that are high in proteins and carbs.Ruduce your intake of fats.If u go to a gym,do workouts on the elliptical/cross trainer to see good results.

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    how much time it takes if we continue in the proper manner…Pls guide me in this case ……also is alcahole consumption is a problem …….

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