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Some ways to work faster on slow internet connection

A slow internet connection can be very annoying when you are trying to do something on the internet.
It’s tougher to send email, more difficult to send files. And it’s frustrating wasting time while you wait for web pages to appear.
But there are some things you can do.
Now I am going to show you how to increase your productivity when your connection is slow. Many of these steps will help you to increase the speed of browsing and sending and receiving email.
1. Compressing files for sending them faster:
If you’re sending multiple files, you can reduce their combined size by using a compression utility. Compressing your files can dramatically reduce the time needed to send files online. I use “7zip”. It’s a free compression tools.
2. Speed browsing by turning off graphics in browser:
Graphics are important to web pages, but they also take time to download if you’re online. You can turn them off to speed up your Internet browsing.
3. Open web pages faster by increasing your cache:
If you increase the size of the Temporary Internet files cache in Internet Explorer, your computer won’t have to work so hard when you revisit web pages. Many of the images will already be downloaded on your computer, decreasing the amount of time it takes to open a page.
4. Browse offline by saving web pages on your computer:
If you use reference a web page often, save it locally to your computer. If you lose your connection or are working on a slow connection, you’ll still be able to read and find the information you need.
5. Turn off auto update features:
Turn auto update features of software’s that are running on your computer system. I think only turn on the auto update for antivirus and firewall. For downloading windows updates use scheduling because Microsoft does releases updates daily, most Microsoft updates are expected to come on second week of every month.
Same policy can be used for other non-Microsoft application software’s.
6. Use proxy settings:
The connection will go through a certain server when accessing the Internet. This server can save or load thousands or websites that are popular. When using proxy server the websites is pre-loaded, making browsing much faster.
7. Try a faster browser:
You may find that there are different kind of browsers available it might be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.  Try a browser that will make your browsing experience more comfortable. From my experience, Google chrome is the fastest, but Firefox allows you to include much more plugins if you need them and it is also pretty fast.

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