Prevent your computer from USB infections

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Disable Autorun:

AutoRun.Inf is the configuration file used by the Microsoft Windows computers to decide the action to be taken when a removal media like a USB or Audio / Video CD is inserted into the computer.
It surely saves some time for the user when without clicking or searching the file structure. But many times, AutoRun feature has been seriously exploited by Malware to execute malware codes and infect your system.
So you should disable this feature. After all your internet Security is too important to be exchanged just to save a few clicks.
How to disable:
* Start menu> Run>

gpedit.msc> User configuration> Administrative templatesWindows Components> Autoplay Policies> Turn off Autoplay> Enable
* Select All Drives in the Turn off Autoplay box. Click OK.
* Restart the computer.
Be safe!

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