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Ping.fm-Post From Anywhere To 50 Social Networks

Ping.fm is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your Status Updates, Micro Blogging, and Blogging to 50 plus social networks a snap!

You can post from mobile (sms/mms), Instant Message or E-mail to 50 major Social Networks. I am using this service to update some of my social networks and I am satisfied as it boosts my productivity many many times.

For each Status Updates, I send sms from my mobile and get posted automatically my entire social network site which added with ping.fm, you can add up to 50 social networks now.

Imagine the productivity to place all your links, nodes and hubs to the whole cyberspace with just 1 click that goes to 50 social sites.

So sign up for ping.fm, and boost your productivity!

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