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How to choose pillow?

The choice of a new pillow shouldn’t not taken lightly.  It must be seem as an investment, which has a direct impact on your sleep quality.

Follow The advice of Martin Mainville on how to choose right pillow –
1. Avoid choosing a pillow according to its brand or reputation. Every body is different , so a pillow even if made by a recognized brand  may not suit you or even cause tension and pain for you. So The main selection criteria always should be comfort.

2.Ideally, visit a shop that offers a wide choice of models. This way you can compare more easily pillows and proceed by elimination

3. Are you worried about price ? Then Think long term. It is better to pay $ 90 for a pillow that will retain its support four or five years to disburse $ 20 for a model that will flatten and we will change each season.

4.  Unless you buy a model you already own, you should definitely try it.  This is especially true if your budget is limited, as it means you do not have room for error and therefore you must be certain of your choice. Why not take a morning to test several models in the store?

5. Once you’ve selected two or three interesting models, ask about maintenance, durability, warranty … This will help you to decide.

6. A period of transition between the old and new pillow may be required. Especially if the first was not suited to your face, it means that your body had to adjust to soliciting individual muscles. This change may cause discomfort, but not more than four or five nights.  If pain persists beyond this period then the pillow is not good for you.

7. Elongated head on the pillow, bring your attention to your comfort. It takes at least seven to eight minutes for muscle relaxation sets in, so be patient.  After all, the quality of your next night is at stake!
If, within 15 minutes, you want to change position or experience any discomfort early, go to the next, because the situation will improve certainly not after eight hours of sleep.

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