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Do You Love Your Kids?

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Of course we all love our kids, no doubt! But do we do all the things that actually mean that we love our kids? Well, if you love your kids try to follow the following three:

#1 – Treat them as a human
Treat your kids as a human  and respect that way. Don’t always think that they are kids and they don’t need respect like elders. Respect them and be respected by them.

#2 – Don’t help your kid
Don’t help your kid always for all of their works. Show your kids how to do things but let your kids do that themselves. It will make them skilled and confident at early age. It will also help you when they grow more.

#3 – Show them what you like
Let your kids know what you like most instead of what you don’t like. It is not that you’ll never let them know what you don’t like but they need to know more about what you like. Also do more with them what they like.

Above three are not all practices to be done with our lovely kids. Right now practice these three and more will come gradually. Keep following us. 😉

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