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Cooking tips Series(3)

cooking tips

1. Goodbye fishy

When cooking fish usually we  get a strong smell in the kitchen. To remove it, put a little vinegar to boil in a pot and watch it disappear right away.

2. Pink Shrimp

If you like the shell of the shrimp retain its red color  then Cook them with the skin of an onion, which has a high coloring. Thus, the presentation of your shrimp will be much more striking.

3. Fresh asparagus

Now, throughout the year we find fresh asparagus. But, if you buy too much or you will not use them all the time, wrap in a clean, damp cloth and place them in a plastic bag.

4. Freeze bread

If you freeze bread, cut into pieces before, but keep it all in the same bag.

 5.  Eggplant with fiber

If you prepare a dish with eggplant, cut them before and put them to soak in water for one hour. But do not remove the skin as it contains fiber and vitamins, fry or cook with it. Moreover, this will not be bitter.

6. Chicory not bitter

Chicory won’t be  bitter if we clean inside and out with a clean cloth.

7.  Onion Rings

To make Onion rings more crispy, fry the rings before, put to soak in milk for about fifteen minutes.  It  Will be more juicy.

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