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Useful Cooking Tips

cooking tips

1. “Eggs last longer” :

If you’re going to be out a few days and want to keep your Egg’s  last longer, put them in the refrigerator in a closed container and completely covered with coarse salt.


2. “Reduce Excess fat”

Sometimes the traditional dishes tend to have too much fat. To remedy this, add a cabbage leaf and let it cook a little longer. This vegetable has the capacity to absorb most of the fat and also will give your dishes a special flavor and very delicious.


3.”Biscuit/Cake delicious”

When you want to introduce nuts or raisins into a cake or biscuits, remember to put them hours earlier in an infusion of strong tea.  This softens them and provide a unique taste.


4.”Citrus without bitterness”

If you use citrus peel to flavor your desserts or for decorative and they end up leaving a slightly bitter taste, put into practice this trick: peel citrus peel and cut in thin strips, insert it into a pan of boiling water, leave a minute drain.  Does this twice and let it dry on absorbent kitchen paper, will no longer bitter.


5. “Aromatic oil”

A great trick to flavor olive oil: Peel and wash two cloves of fresh garlic and bring them into a liter bottle of virgin olive oil, and leave a few days resting and then strain the oil. You will see how delicious the aroma is and how well its align your salad plates, meat …!

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