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Tips For Effective Decision Making

decision making

The following 13 tips are designed to help you make powerful and effective decisions.

1 ) There is no right or wrong when you are making a decision. The only outcome is the decision that you make. A decision is a choice between alternatives.

2 ) Never make a snap decision about anything. If the decision is one you can quickly change, such as where to go for lunch, then you can make a quick decision. If it’s a bigger decision such as moving house or quitting your job, then take time to think it out.

3 ) Make written notes when you are making a decision – perform a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis if you have to. Write down all the possible solutions and information, including how each option will affect both yourself and the people around you. Often by writing the options down the solution becomes clear to you.

4 ) Avoid allowing your decisions to stack up. Making decisions one at a time is so much easier than dealing with the pressure of lots of decisions all at one.

5 ) If your decision is going to affect other people then talk to them and find out what their opinions and needs are. It may help you make the decision easier.

6 ) When you’ve made a decision, stick to it. You can never be totally sure you’ve made the right decision, but when you’ve made one stick with it unless there are extremely valid reasons to change it.

7 ) When you have made your decision, and before you take any action on it, think about what will happen if you take this course of action and ask yourself if anything could potentially go wrong if you followed through with this decision.

8 ) When you have made a decision,┬ácommit yourself to it 100% and don’t let the what if’s bother you.

9 ) Visualize the outcome of your decision and follow it through in the comfort of your own mind. Visualize all the possible outcomes before you actually take action and follow through on the decision.

10 ) Believe in yourself and in your ability to not only make a good decision, but to follow it through. This belief will help you to trust your decisions.

11 ) Before you make any decision, review the facts that you have relating to the decision. If necessary, go and find any more information you need in order to make a good decision. Remember to give yourself time to analyze and absorb the facts before making your decision.

12 ) Base your decisions on what feels right to you – your gut instinct will usually guide you extremely well.

13 ) Look at the objective of the decision, the alternatives and any risks before making the decision.

These 13 steps will help you to make more effective decisions. Making effective decisions will help you to enjoy life more.

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