- Self Confidence

Some way to make people like you

We always want to be like by others.
Successful people who relate well with others have learned a simple truth.
And that is this: People are more interested in themselves than any other

1. Be genuinely interested in other people.

2. Smile - A simple smile is effective to unlocking doors and getting
   people to like you.

3. Remember people’s names – The sweetest sound to a person’s ears is
   their own name.

4. Ask questions – and then shut up – You want to become a good
   Conversationalist? Ask questions. You can ask about their family, occupation,
   Recreation, motivation etc.

5. Talk about subjects that are interesting to others.

6. Give sincere compliments – this one is too easy.
   Do they have nice hair? Eyes? Clothes? Jewelry? Car? A cool techno-gadget?

   Make it a point to tell them. Ask them questions. Get them talking about it.

   Who knows? The person you are talking to may be starving for a compliment. It could open all kinds of doors for you.

   And it is so very simple.

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