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How to maintain a work-life balance?

Every organisation works differently. Some expect you to account for every moment of your work hours while others only want the job done. This can affect the number of hours you put into your work.

To strike a work-life balance understand your organisation and then work around it.

Work Smart

Find out how your organisation regards time. Does your office work on weekends? Do employees leave around 5:30 pm, or when the boss does? Do they come in early and leave early? How do people treat their lunch time? Ask yourself whether you can afford a schedule that matches the answers. If  no, then you need to talk to your supervisor.

Power Hours

Try and be punctual with time and work. You will be clocking the required work hours, without compromising with your personal life. Having said that, remember that people value not the number of hours you log, but the result. Don’t get distracted by colleagues or surf the internet randomly. Concentrate on your work so that you can leave on time.

Set Limits

Don’t always stay late . such heroics should be an exception and not become the rule.Consistent overtime gives a false perception of your daily output and leads to work being piled on you. Overloading can be unintentional, but you never point it out. Or you could be indulging in it yourself  intentionally to appear productive. It is your responsibility to set realistic expectations. Unless you are masochistic, don’t overburden yourself. Inform your manager of the true number of hours you have worked, and learn to set personal boundaries. Let them realise that you too have a life.

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