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Kitchen & Cooking tips

1. Plucking a chicken: To strip the chicken of those pens that are in the wings, you should spread your fingers well with salt, and thus be easily removed without the drain.

2. Chicken with brandy: Breaded chicken breasts are more tasty if marinated in brandy, garlic and parsley. Let it stand two or three hours before frying.

3. Coffee Cubes for milk: The remains of the coffee can be poured into a bucket and then placed in the freezer.  This will get coffee cubes may be used when desired, with cold milk cool or hot.

4. Relief from heat : To beat the heat is nothing better than squeezing ten lemons, grate the peel, pour sugar and, with it all, make a slurry that is fed into cups of yogurt in the freezer.  So when you’re thirsty or guests may provide great drink pouring one of the molds in a jar with cold water.

5. Burnt milk flavor : It is not necessary to pull the milk that has been burned, and that can be consumed by covering it with a moistened cloth to be until the taste disappears.

6.Jam with the pulp: When you want to make apple, pear or peach in a blender, do not waste pulp left over, because with it you can get a great jam, simply by adding a little sugar and lemon juice.Then, cook for a while. Once cool, you can use to smear it on toast.

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